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Designed specifically for K-12 food service programs, Cafe Enterprise provides tools to help you more effectively manage your operation. Automate your sales activity, meal and eligibility counts, state claim form preparation, meal application entry, and more.

Specifically Designed
for School Environments

Features to help run a single School or an Entire District

Trusted School Solutions that improve professional standards.

Point of Sale

Café Enterprise Point of Sale (POS) is designed specifically for K-12 food service programs. It tracks all meals and ala carte items sold, generates a variety of reports and provides a file for account deductions of charged activity. In addition, Café Enterprise automates your sales activity, meal and eligibility counts, State Claim form preparation and Meal Application entry.

  • ✅ Easy to use

  • ✅ Utilizes a live data structure

  • ✅ Gets students through the lunch lines faster

  • ✅ Increases sales which translates to increased funding

Free & Reduced

Café Enterprise Free & Reduced provides a fully compliant solution for creating, processing and tracking meal applications that meets all USDA requirements and state guidelines. All changes to student eligibility status are reflected in real time at the POS stations. You can also enter directly certified students and streamline the verification process through this module.

  • ✅ Easy to use single data entry processing screens

  • ✅ Direct Certs and DC Imports

  • ✅ Community Eligibility Provision

  • ✅ Medicaid Free and Reduced

Online Meal Applications

MySchoolApps is the fast and secure way to apply for free and reduced meals online. Parents complete application using computer, tablet or smart phone.

  • ✅ Available anywhere

  • ✅ Easy to use

  • ✅ Private & Secure

  • ✅ No incomplete applications

Electronic Filing
Meal Application Scanning

Electronic Filing simplifies data entry and filing tasks saving time and labor. Users are able to quickly store and retreive information while working within Free and Reduced without having to run to the filing cabinet.

  • ✅ Get control of your paperwork

  • ✅ Respond to questions without getting up from your desk

  • ✅ Know exactly how many applications are left to process

  • ✅ Consolidate your applications in one organized place

  • ✅ Instantly retrieve scanned images on your screen or re-print

Cutting Edge Mobile Technology

Enhance your POS operations with state-of-the-art mobile solutions from DBS.

Grab and Go Mobile Meal Service

Use Grab & Go serving carts located in easily accessible locations, such as the cafeteria or near the school entrance, to provide a quick and nutritious meal for students. With our Mobile POS, Grab & Go breakfasts are a practical and appealing way to reach hungry kids in a hurry, boost participation in your school breakfast program, and ensure the school food service department receives funds for reimbursable meals.

  • ✅ Mobile friendly hardware solutions

  • ✅ Rugged Solutions for harsh environments

  • ✅ Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

  • ✅ iOS, iPhone, iPad

  • ✅ Andriod OS, Phone, Tablet

  • ✅ Linux OS, Phone, Tablet

Advanced Reporting

Valuable business analytics are available at your fingertips with our comprehensive reporting.

Eligibility and Sales Reports

100+ Standard Reports included and 100+ additional customer requested reports

Efficiency Reporting

Graphical reports for presentations and important board meetings

Auditing Reports

Historical reports, logging, review user activity, student history, eligibility information

Labor Savings

Quickly run reports that would normally take hours to do by hand. Save time and decrease labor costs.

Detailed Reports

The standard reporting includes 100+ reports, based on input from school districts nationwide. Retrieve real-time reports for every school, from any district location. Standard reports also interface sales activity data with state forms, based on the individual state reporting requirements.

  • ✅ 100+ Additional Customer Requested Reports

  • ✅ Advanced Report Writer and Designer

  • ✅ Write Reports in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access

  • ✅ Web Based Reporting

  • ✅ Easily Export Data

Integrated Payment Processing

Making it easy for parents to pay for cafeteria payments and school activity fees online.

Online Payments

Credit card, debit card, or electronic check.

Mobile Friendly

In person payments are simple and easy to follow.

PCI Compliant

Point-to-point encryption for maximum security

In-Person Payments

Pay Online or in person at the school.

Online Payments

MySchoolBucks makes school meal payments easy for busy parents on-the-go! Quickly and securely add money to your student’s school meal account using your credit card, debit card or electronic check. You can also view recent cafeteria purchases and check current meal account balances for each student.

  • ✅ Pay for meals, library fees, and other school items in one central place

  • ✅ Automatic E-Mail reminders when payment is needed

  • ✅ Make payments for all children in different schools at the same time

  • ✅ View cafeteria purchase history

  • ✅ Purchase athletic tickets, yearbooks, t-shirts and other items in the school store

Mobile Payments

School administrators now have the tools to securely collect payments anywhere on campus. MSB Anywhere turns any iPad into a mobile POS so schools can accept in person credit/debit card, cash and check payments for school items and fees. MySchoolBucks Anywhere fully integrates with the MySchoolBucks website, making it easy to manage all your in-person and online payments from one place.

  • ✅ Accept payments anywhere

  • ✅ Link students to purchases

  • ✅ Integrates with MySchoolBucks

  • ✅ Fast & easy checkout

Student Activity Fees

Collect payment for all your student fees and items through your very own online retail-inspired store. Parents can quickly browse for items and add them to their cart for checkout through the MySchoolBucks website or mobile app. MySchoolBucks makes it easy to manage all school fees and purchases in one easy-to-use platform. Accept payments online and in-person for the convenience, flexibility, and security your staff and parents deserve.

  • ✅ Collect payments for anything

  • ✅ Easy setup & customization

  • ✅ Access online or on-the-go


In addition to advanced reporting capabilities, our solution delivers a wide range of customer engagement and business management tools:

Smart Email and Phone Alerts

The best way to increase participation and customer satisfaction is by staying in contact with your customers.

  • ✅ Personalized Messages

  • ✅ Low balance notifications

  • ✅ Daily or weekly marketing


Communicating with parents needs to be cost efficient and effective without increasing the workload on your staff. Save time, labor, and expense by avoiding printing and mailing communications.

E-Mail Alert Tools

Set up friendly account threshold email reminders, and more using integrated tools to improve customer loyalty. Works using your own email addresses so the message is more personal.

Phone Alert Tools

Use automated calling to remind parents about account balances and other important topics. Works with AlertNow, School Messenger, Instant Alert, and more.

Enhance Your POS with Additional Apps

There are a variety of certified applications that seamlessly integrate with your POS system for added functionality. These include apps for Student Management Integration, SIF, Restful API, Accounting, Inventory and much more!

PowerSchool Plugin

Turbo charge your district’s student fee management with free MySchoolBucks Plugins. Give your staff the ease of managing and collecting payments in PowerSchool, and parents the convenience of securely checking out with MySchoolBucks, trusted by 31,000+ schools across north america.

  • ✅ Access MySchoolBucks right from the PowerSchool Parent Portal

  • ✅ Log into MySchoolBucks using your PowerSchool credentials

  • ✅ Automatically generate invoices in MySchoolBucks to notify parents when payments are due

  • ✅ Sync student grade-level or class lists to MySchoolBucks and apply invoices to them

SIF Compatible

SIF makes it possible to share live data with your student management software automatically. Facilitate data sharing and reporting between applications. The Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIF Association) is an industry initiative to enable interoperability and data sharing between software applications in the pK-12 instructional and administrative environment.

  • ✅ Facilitate data sharing and reporting between applications

  • ✅ Enhance product functionality efficiently

Accounting Solutions

Cafe Accounting is a powerful business management tool that enables you to access your sales information from any computer or mobile device. Cafe Accounting puts financial information at your fingertips!

In addition to advanced reporting capabilities, Cafe Accounting also provides a simplified State Claim Upload.

Food Service Department Accounting

Café Accounting allows you to process all Food Service Central Office accounting functions AND financial reporting with data integrated from your Point of Sale system. Designed by child nutrition accountants, the Café Accounting Suite is THE powerful, efficient and complete central office accounting solution. Cafe Accounting regularly connects to financial systems to post transactional data that updates the general ledger accounts and automates reconciliation.

  • ✅ POS Integration

  • ✅ Bank / Deposit Reconciliation

  • ✅ POS Sales Reports

  • ✅ General Ledger

  • ✅ AR and AP

  • ✅ Trial Balance

  • ✅ Profit and Loss

  • ✅ Account Maintenance

  • ✅ Vendor Maintenance

  • ✅ Invoice Entry

  • ✅ General Entry

  • ✅ Misc Transfers & Adjustments

  • ✅ Receipt entry & printing

  • ✅ Period end processing

  • ✅ 1099 processing

  • ✅ Financial reports

  • ✅ User role management

State Claims Upload

Upload reimbursement claims data to the state department of education with ease. A simple single file upload for all schools at once in the state required formats.

Centralized Reports

Cafe Accounting is a fully integrated district wide accounting suite designed specifically for school food service.


Send detailed accounting data to the district's accounting department most common software systems. Save everyone time collecting and sharing data.

Communicate Updates

Send real-time notifications to alert finance via email when uploads occur such as cash deposits, online deposits, vendor payments, and more...

Custom Solutions

Our solutions are powerful products built with optional customization in mind.

We develop software modules, customizations, feature enhancements, and more...

Customizable Solutions

Any enterprise architecture can be accommodated, including district wide scaling, managed models, or a combination of both.

Configuration Management

The POS databases for all schools can be centrally managed to instantly reflect differences in products, menus, and prices.

Data Migration & Warehousing

Sales, labor and inventory data from the school level can be extracted automatically and easily incorporated into any database or data warehousing solution at any tier of the enterprise.

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