Turnkey Services

Our company is a full service solutions provider.


We coordinate the ordering of the equipment, the building and testing of the system, the inspection or wiring and electrical needs, the equipment installation, the training of the employees, and live training days.


Installation, training, and support of many end user software applications that provide features that are required by users. Support of many software packages performing a variety of tasks. Supply and creation of software packages, desktop applications, scripts, and self-contained programs.


Technical support and onsite maintenance are also our specialties. Our customers know we will be there for them when they experience a problem even after the system is beyond the warranty period.


Point of Sale, Touch Screens, Tablets, Payment Terminals, EMV Readers, Mobile POS, Receipt Printers, Business Printers, Input Terminals, Barcode Readers, Scales, Pole Displays, Cash Drawers, Programmable Keyboards, Security Cameras, Servers, and Workstations.


Design, development, testing, implementation and demonstration of the software applications to ensure the software runs properly. Creation of specific tasks that tell the computer system to perform specific functions in order to automate functions that are normally required by end users.


Maintenance contracts take over where the warranty leaves off. We offer a complete package to ensure that your system has minimum down time, and maximum effectiveness. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week for both onsite maintenance and phone support.

* Note there may additional fees or charges for services provided during non regular business hours.

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