We can provide live help desk support to customers that have computers with Internet Access. If you are having a software related problem, we can connect to your computer through the internet to correct problems on your computer.

To receive remote assistance you'll need to have an open support request and agree to all of the terms described below.

For after hours emergencies please contact us at (800) 868-2323.
Follow the voice prompts for emergency services.

Remote Access Agreement

You (the customer) authorize us (Data Business Systems) to connect to your computer so that we may install software that allows us to control your desktop and have access to all the files that are on your computer. We will use this connection to repair our software products or access data to determine the problem. We agree not to use this connection to retrieve personal data. We do not collect personal data, or email addresses, or other private data. By clicking "Accept" you are simply saying you understand we will have control of your computer until we disconnect. The remote control software will be uninstalled as soon as we disconnect.

I Agree

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